Breaking Down the Top 3 Myths About Attending a Technical College

“Only large universities prepare people for success.”

The most common myth is the belief that if you don’t or start at a university, then you won’t have the same opportunities for jobs and career growth. Busting this myth is the fact that at HTC, we have a 99% job placement rate with outstanding graduates succeeding in their field because of the real-world experiences and hands-on training they receive with us! At HTC, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with our industry partners. Approximately companies and organizations partner with us to provide everything from scholarships, internships and jobs to our graduates, allowing you to put your best foot forward as you enter the workforce.

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“If I start at a technical college, it will be much more difficult to transfer to a four-year university.”

Many students fear that if they start at a technical college, rather than a community college or university, their credits will not transfer and they’ll end up spending more time in school than necessary. This is not true with Hennepin Technical College! HTC is a member of Minnesota State Colleges and University system and many of our courses are transferable to many four-year universities for those students who are interested in continuing their education. In fact, HTC even has Transfer Specialists on staff who help students plan how they can transfer after completing their two-year degree.

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“There isn’t much of a community at a technical college.”

A common misconception is that the only way to get the true “college experience” is to attend a four-year university. However, at Hennepin Technical College, you’ll have access to a variety of thriving student life organizations that work to ensure you have the very best college experience! Whether it’s student senate, clubs, on-campus events, disc golf, or student organizations, there is something for everyone!

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Sara Wirkus

HTC Student

Thanks to HTC, I’m one step closer to achieving my hopes and dreams of becoming a landscape designer in New York City!